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Prayer for FFICM March 19th

Hello Everyone!

This week in our prayer call together we shared a lot of requests again. As you join with us in prayer, please feel free to comment below and we will pray for you!

  • The training in Gindiri is going well! There are 150-170 students. Students are set to graduate in May and will be assigned to mission fields. Pray for their upcoming ministry.
  • Students from Gindiri will be sent out to share the gospel tomorrow morning.
  • Praise that everyone is in good health.
  • Another attack out by Miango. More villagers killed, at least 11. Pray for protection and for comfort for the bereaved.
  • Thursday night in Jos, a group of 20 Muslim men went around knifing people. Rick’s friend Femi (a basketball coach at Hillcrest) had a brother who has multiple knife wounds, but is stable. Pray for peace, and for healing.
  • There are issues with the bank, and Peter had to leave the training to travel to Jos to resolve them. Please pray for Peter, that the issues will be quickly resolved tomorrow.
  • pray for the new church plant outside of Addis. They need to have a place to meet and are having a hard time finding and affording land.
  • the demon possessed boy, Mengistu, is still suffering. His father’s name is Belepe. Please pray for him and his family.
  • Pray for Eskendir’s finances. His son Nathan is studying to take the entrance exam to high-school coming up.
  • pray for preparations for upcoming trainings in 2 universities in July. We anticipate training 200 students.
  • Eskendir is now training the students that will be responsible for helping him set up the training. Pray for them!
  • continued prayers for peace
  • pray for the people we trained, that they will be protected, and fruitful in their ministry!
  • pray for upcoming April training.
  • prayer for Rich as he sets Hausa and Amharric translations this week, and will do Tigre and Oromo soon.
  • prayer for Dara as she hires graphic designer to redesign the booklet, for wisdom, and continues to work with Holly to redo the gospel tract and further drawings from the materials.
  • pray for David as he continues to raise support.
  • pray for all of us as we seek God’s wisdom in knowing how best to expand.
Richard GardnerPrayer for FFICM March 19th
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Prayer for our Teams

Every Monday our available team members across the US, Nigeria, and Ethiopia (and sometimes other locations as they travel) call in, share prayer requests, and lift one another up!

We would like to share those prayer requests with you and ask you, as you feel led, to lift us up as well!


  • There are difficulties with our communication with the ERCC (an important partner denomination). Pray that we can find another contact person (our current contact is the very busy head of the denomination).
  • March 19th, there will be a training in Gindiri Theological Seminary! There are 150 students signed up. Pray for the training; that they will use the training effectively after they graduate and be blessed.
  • March 30th, Peter and Rick will lead a training with prison fellowship in Lagos.
  • We have the potential for a training in Abuja through our friend and board member Daniel Bako
  • Prayer for the change of FFICM’s official name in Nigeria to go through.
  • There were attacks on villages outside of Jos in Bokkos. At least 19, villagers, including children killed, 200 buildings burned. Prayer for peace and for the families of those who died.
  • Prayer for Bali, those we have trained in October have organized another training–6 churches are collaborating. They are planning an outreach after the training.
  • Prayer for Niger, one of our trainees organized a training for 40, and ended up with 70 people. They are planning an outreach after the training!
  • Prayer for Peter, hoping to take an MA class at JETS seminary
  • Prayer for Rick, needing to raise more support for his trip.
  • Announcement of new prime minister to occur soon! Prayer for long-lasting peace.
  • The translation of the materials in one language is complete, the translations of other two languages are to follow. First draft of Tigre translation is complete. We will send gospel tract to refugee camps soon. Prayer for God to use the new materials.
  • Prayers needed for 9 year old boy suffering demon possession, the son of of new converts in church outside of Addis. Prayer for his family and the new church, comprised largely of former addicts, as well.
  • Plans are in place to do trainings in the universities in July! Prayer for the arrangements to go well and for God to call the right people to attend.
  • prayer for April training. For God to call the right people to join us!
  • prayer for David’s support, and for his sharing about the ministry at the Ambassadors lunch on Thursday.
  • prayer for Dara’s recovery from illness.
  • prayer for Rich’s recovery from two intense trips.

Thank you and God bless you for standing with us and our hard-working teams!

Richard GardnerPrayer for our Teams
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Starting Strong–Peter’s Report

FFICM started the year with prayer and fasting on Thursday January 4th; we met with those we are training to join the organization as well as the volunteers. We prayed to thank God for the past year and for the programs we have organized for this year, and for God’s protection also to enable us raise more workers and open doors for prayer supporters.

We then started training in Rinji Toro DCC during 8th-12 of January, where we had expected 80 people, but we only ended up with 10 people. The time was still important as the 10 who came were so committed; it was also a valuable time for the new trainers that we are developing to practice teaching on field. These trainers had their first real experience of comparing notes as trainers in order to learn from each other.

Two weeks after the training, one of those we trained (Evangelist Nyam) called us to give a report on what the trainees were doing. They had reached out to 7 people who have accepted Christ as their Savior. Five of these new believers need Bibles, and one of them who was a Muslim, has had to move with his whole family for safety reasons, because the Muslims in his village threatened to kill him.

Comfort from Maiduguri (one of those we are developing as a trainer) organized a training for 27 people.  where she trained them on how to use the gospel cards and how to conduct the follow-up lessons. This was so encouraging to hear as those she trained are preparing to do an evangelistic outreach in the nearby villages. Please pray for God’s protection as they move through those villages.

Those Muslim converts we brought from up north whose lives were in danger, are doing very well in the discipleship training center! They are now memorizing scriptures and  articles of faith. Their meals and health have been all taken care of. They even went to their villages and had Christmas break with their parents and came back safely. We went and visited them and they shared their desires and hope after the training to go to seminary to have a proper understanding of the Bible!

Richard GardnerStarting Strong–Peter’s Report
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Gospel Marathon

On February 8th, Rich will leave for Nigeria, and Peter will pick him up from the airport to take him to Jos. The week in Nigeria will be packed! Not only will Rich and Peter will work to get the updated follow-up materials translated into Hausa and English and formatted with the new artwork, but they are going to set the follow-up materials in a program where they can more easily print the materials into even more languages!

The next Saturday, Rich, Peter, Rick, and the team of Nigerian speakers will travel to Ikom, Nigeria, close to the border of Cameroon. There is a real danger of kidnapping for Rich and Rick particularly here, so please pray for their safety! The next day the Cameroonians will meet them at the border and pick them up for a 6 hour trip to Belo, where there will be 1,000 church leaders, evangelists, and members from two Baptist denominations who are assembling to learn about the “True Gospel”. Rich will lead larger plenary sessions, and Peter will lead small groups of trainees in the follow-up lessons.

The next week, the FFICM Nigeria team will divide into two groups and will teach follow-up in two separate locations, in two shifts at each location! The first location is the hospital in Mbengo, Cameroon, where there are 200 nurses, doctors, and support staff who are eager to be trained to reach the sick and dying at their hospital! The second location also has 200 people waiting to be trained.

After this, Rich travels back to the airport in the capital, Yaunde, and flies to Addis Abbaba, in Ethiopia, where he will meet with Eyasu, Eskendir, and a couple of translators to help them translate and format the materials into all three of the major languages in Ethiopia; Oromo, Tigre, and Amharic!

Rich will also travel a couple of hours outside of Addis to a village where there is a church comprised entirely of addicts, where there were recently 31 more people baptized.

There is also a little nine-year-old boy (the son of the first converts in the church) who needs prayer–he is suffering from paralysis related to demon possession. Please pray for Rich and those who will pray for this boy, and for his freedom in Jesus’ name.

On this trip, we pray that God will bless our team with safety, strengthen and encourage our brothers and sisters who work night and day for the sake of Christ, and guide each one of us with wisdom and with the Holy Spirit’s power, as we pray and reach out to those who are without Jesus in this world!

Richard GardnerGospel Marathon
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The Transformation of Rashalang

Last year, December 2016, Peter organized a training in his home town, Rashalang, at a local church. The church leaders and members that they trained did an evangelistic outreach in the village, and started a new church in August of 2017! They invited us to come back and teach the new members the basic follow-up materials. This January, 2018, Peter and his team of volunteers led a week long follow-up training in which there were 80 people! Ezekiel Bot, one of the volunteers, went out and evangelized during the training, and seven adults and over twenty children gave their lives to Christ!

One of the new converts testified in front of the whole congregation that he had been drinking and doing drugs, but he knows he cannot live that life anymore as his life now belongs to Christ, and he asked for their prayers to help him to stand firm in his faith! He came the next day to worship, and we taught him from the follow-up lessons.

We need to pray for this new church, that God will cause it to grow. Some of the new members are struggling with substance abuse, and the church has been mocked in the community as a church for addicts, but the new members have shown that they are serious about changing their lives, praise God!

Rich GardnerThe Transformation of Rashalang
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Ministry on the Go: Siberia Edition!

Rich and Carl flew to Moscow and traveled to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where they were planning to regroup before going on to a remote location called Ungut to conduct a training for thirty local pastors. While in Krasnoyarsk, they discovered that the man who had been responsible for organizing the training (and Roman had met twice with) had developed serious brain swelling and a tumor and hadn’t been doing any of the preparations! He said there were 8 people at Ungut who could be trained.

Rich, Carl, and Roman decided that they would still conduct the training for the eight. While they were in Krasnoyarsk, they met with the gathered pastors and ministry leaders. Rich presented on the ministry of FFICM to train nationals to follow-up with new believers, and Carl spoke about the unique need to minister to pastors, who are often isolated from the rest of the church.

The church leaders were moved by the presentation and would like to partner in the future! The pastor of a retreat center outside of Krasnoyarsk opened up to Carl and said that he felt as though Carl had come to speak directly to his heart.

After the meeting, Rich, Carl and Roman prayed over the city.

Pictured above are Roman, Carl, and Rich, after praying with church leaders.

Maxim, the pastor who had been moved by Carl’s testimony, invited them to visit the center for recovering substance abusers he runs. During the drive, Carl, with Roman translating, ministered to Maxim and helped him work through a difficult interpersonal situation. They were told that they would have to walk over a mile in the snow at the end of the drive, as there was no road leading straight to the center, but when they got to the field, there was a tractor attached to a cart. They all piled in, gratefully, with the supplies!

Click the link below to see the sled ride as it happened!

siberian sled ride

Rich and Carl spoke to the group, and one of them, Yuri, made a decision to receive Christ at the meeting.

The next day, Rich, Carl and Roman drove to Ungut, a location far outside of cell-service and communication.

When they arrived, they discovered that the 8 people at the camp were not pastors or ministers, but also recovering addicts. Rich and Carl decided to reschedule the training, as their ministries focus primarily on equipping nationals and pastors.

Roman, whose ministry is primarily evangelism, stayed in Ungut to see what he could do, and ended up sharing the gospel with 30 children!

We thank you all for your prayers for the trip and for Rich, Carl, and Roman as they worked together! We would deeply appreciate your prayers for protection and wisdom for possible future trips to Siberia, as the enemy was able to thwart the training in Ungut by striking at the pastor who was responsible for the organization. Please pray for hm and his family. We thank God for bringing eternal fruit from the trip, and for accomplishing his purposes!

We were blessed to minister in this beautiful country, and pray that God continues to break in to Siberia in power!


Rich GardnerMinistry on the Go: Siberia Edition!
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Adventures in Kansk

Kansk is a beautiful town on the edge of the river Kan–a river which was once the site of a terrible battle, after which legend has it, the river tasted of blood for many years. Now the river Kan is a peaceful city where a pastor and his family hosted Sarina, Rich, and Roman in Kansk while they carried out their ministry.

pastor and daughter

While in Kansk, the pastor’s best friend, who is not a Christian, asked if Sarina would visit his family and hang out with his daughter, who is interested in America and is learning English. Her name is Ana–though they call her Anya. Sarina loved hanging out with Anya and her family; they talked about their different school systems, social media (Russians don’t use Facebook very much, they have their own version) and their families. They both like a lot of the same music and tv shows because Anya listens to a lot of American music and movies!

Sarina was overwhelmed by the hospitality of Russians in general and especially Anya’s family, “They offer you tea or coffee every five seconds and keep asking until you say yes, so you have to drink really slowly! They really pampered us.”

“They love their fruit and their drinks– they offer you tea or coffee every five seconds, keep asking until you say yes so you have to drink really slowly. They really pampered us!”

Christians don’t drink in Russia as drinking to excess has become such a problem, but they all drink Kvas, a Russian non-alcoholic drink that Sarina described as, “kind of like Kombucha, but instead of tea, it’s fermented bread excess.” They also drink a green drink called Tarragon that “looks like swamp water, but is bubbly and sweet!”

Anya’s family had Sarina over at their “dacha”—a summer house which is right on the banks of the river Kan. They have a banya built into their house. They told Sarina hat they sleep in their banya in the winter, which she could not believe she was hearing accurately until she saw them moving sleeping bags and blankets out of it before they turned it on.  

Sarina did the banya, 7 or 8 times–you go into the hot steam and then run out and jump into the river. She even up to the highest level (where it burns when you breathe and is 203 degrees!) and received the traditional Russian whipping with hot birch branches to improve circulation, before then running out and jumping into the river. They were all impressed with how many times Sarina let herself be hit with birch branches!

the river Kan

After the banya she went out to feed the fish with Anya. She had a hard time understanding that they really meant they were going to feed the fish, so she kept saying that she was a vegetarian, but at last they led her out to the river and she and Anya fed fish pieces of bread and relaxed while while a lightning storm flashed over the river.

Sarina and the rest of the team thanks you for your prayers for them on the trip as we continue to to get to know Russian culture and pray that our partnership in the gospel with them will continue to be fruitful!


Rich GardnerAdventures in Kansk
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Nigeria Evangelism conference 2017!

The Nigeria evangelism conference was a powerful time—The conference was held in a building that seated 1,000, but there were 2000-2500 additional people outside! The theme of the conference was, “The True Gospel”. Each of the speakers spoke about the nature of the true gospel, and warned about alternative gospels (such as the prosperity gospel and the gospel of good works). The prosperity gospel especially has taken root in Nigeria and other West African countries; everyone was greatly encouraged to hear so many wonderful teachings about the true gospel!

FFICM’s staff and volunteers conducted follow-up trainings with the 3000-3,500 evangelists that were there, along with smaller group sessions. Although we had some technical difficulties related to the printing of the materials, everyone was greatly encouraged by the teaching.

The governor of plateau state even showed up with his entire staff! He shut down the government in order to come and attend the conference. 

Rich also spoke on the true gospel on Friday following an all-night prayer vigil with all of the evangelists.

The FFICM team met with the Cameroonian delegation, and the Cameroonians urged FFICM to consider cancelling our post-conference trip to Cameroon, as there were youth from the English-speaking part of Cameroon planning to declare independence in early October. The military had increased its presence, and there was talk of shutting down the borders (which would have meant that the staff would have been trapped in the country, unable to return home.) FFICM decided to reschedule tentatively for November.

Please pray for the evangelists as they will conduct a massive joint outreach in the north at the end of October, and pray also for peace in Cameroon!

Thank you for your prayers and support;our hearts were greatly encouraged by this conference. We are in awe of the love, courage, and devotion to the true gospel shown by all brothers and sisters present–and we pray that you are encouraged with them as well as you are true partners with them in prayer!

Rich GardnerNigeria Evangelism conference 2017!
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God’s Bridge

Bonga is an economically depressed area far out in the wilderness, where there is no running water. They ended up changing accommodations mid-trip, because half the team got tired of having only Rich’s old coffee pot to heat water to bathe with!

Animism is the main competing religion to Christianity; the evangelists from the area told Rich there are over 1,000 witch doctors active. Bonga is well-known for a couple of other reasons as well, it is within a half a mile of where coffee was discovered, and has a beautiful natural bridge called “God’s bridge”. 

When Rich, Roman, Eskendir and Eyasu arrived, their local hosts urged them to come on a walk to see it before the training, saying it was only ten minutes away. They decided to go see it, as Eskendir also told the group that he had been baptized there in secret during communist times!

By the time Rich, Roman, and Eyasu realized it would take much longer than ten minutes, they had already been fighting their way through deep mud down treacherously steep terrain for so long that they did not want to give up. Rich said that this was by far the most physically challenging trip he has ever gone on–and he has hiked over mountains to reach people groups in Nigeria!

Along the way, they also saw a poisonous green snake that their guides told them if it bit any one of them, they would die if they didn’t get help in time.

The bridge was stunning to see, and Rich was glad to have seen it. However, on the trip back up, he fell completely down at last, was covered in mud, and had to be dragged out by the arms by the others. By the time they fought their way up to the training location, they were an hour and a half late. The rest of the team wanted Rich to take time to clean up, but Rich walked straight into class, and said, “Now, the rest of the team may remember it differently…” and proceeded to tell a long tale wherein he singlehandedly pulled all of the other men up the hill of mud, and fought off a poisonous snake to save their lives. The entire class howled with laughter through the story, and the training began with everyone in high spirits.

In Bonga, we had planned for 60 evangelists, but the local church paid for twenty three more of their people to come and join, calling back missionaries and workers from hundreds of miles away. Eyasu has already reported that they have begun training 1,121 church leaders and members in the evangelism and follow up training.

They need prayer as they begin doing this! Please pray for us and for them as we need more resources, more personnel and more funding, to do more trainings in Ethiopia to meet the need, and as they continue to work for the Lord in this challenging area!

Rich GardnerGod’s Bridge
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