Your partnership helps us meet the growing need to train Christians in ministry to both share their faith effectively and to follow up with new believers. It ensures that new believers receive the follow-up they need to clearly understand the Gospel and to develop into mature followers of Christ.

  • Your gift of $80 helps cover the cost of one man or woman to attend a training session.
  • Your monthly gifts ensure that our ministry can expand to provide more training sessions in new areas.

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You Change Lives

Below is a picture of a young woman evangelist in Uganda who has been trained by FFICM and helps a small congregation she leads in a remote area.

She is a widow at 25, with three young children. Several times a week, she leaves her kids with her mom and bikes to a small thatched-roof church structure to share the gospel. She also leads a service on Sunday. She attended one of our trainings and is making an impact in her local community!
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