Donation Preference

FFICM is a “Faith Missionary” organization. This means that our members go out and share about our ministry with their churches and friends, and seek people who want to partner with us in the ministry that we are doing.

Below are specific individuals and areas of ministry that you can preference your contribution towards by clicking on the picture:

Dr. Richard Gardner President Founder David Moore - Director of Operations

Note: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we cannot accept gifts and give tax-deductible receipts for contributions that are “designated” to a specific individual.  The US government requires that we show that all contributions are to the organization, and that the organization has full control over the use those gifts. But, you can let us know your preference for which area of our ministry you would like to benefit from your contribution, and this will have a strong influence in how those funds are used. 

David MooreDonation Preference