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Prayer and Praise ~ April 11


The date for the surgery for Samuel’s little boy, Josiah, keeps getting changed, it is now supposed to be the 17th of April. Samuel is going to talk to the doctor to make sure they are being upfront with him about all of the medical information, pray for grace and truth!

Peter and Rick are running a shortened training for the Forum for Nigerian Evangelists, pray for their trainees! They have about 12. 

We are still getting good feedback from the training at Gindiri—the Nigerian denomination, COCIN, is enthusiastic about their partnership with us as a result. We are working out an MOU with them!

Security in Maiduguri is better this week, there was a bomb around the road in Maiduguri it was discovered, praise God! 

A lot of Christian girls in Maiduguri are becoming Muslim; for some of them, their parents cannot afford their school, or their food. Most of them are farmers who have been displaced by the constant attacks on farming communities and have no way to provide for themselves. The government sends aid but there are Muslims in government and they divert the aid. The Christians in gov’t are too afraid to talk. Pray for justice for the people and protection from the enemy and mercy for the Christian girls of Maiduguri.

Pray for Comfort’s daughters’ exams, they are coming up soon!

Pray for Peter’s daughter, Greta, who has been trying to get into university for the past 2 years! She is struggling and trusting God, but she is facing discouragement. May the Lord comfort and strengthen her and grant her the university entrance she so earnestly desires! 

The former sheik needs transportation to do his ministry effectively, pray for funds and wisdom for a small reliable vehicle. 

Pray for former sheik and Ishaku, they traveled to Bauchi to witness to the people there, left the office this morning!

There is a training next week across the Benue River, the team leaves Saturday morning! 

Pray for the military man that Peter led to the Lord last week! 


David is going to be preaching on Sunday at Midvalley Church in Cashmere, WA. Pray that he will be able to share a meaningful palm Sunday message, and many will catch the vision for the work! 

Pray for Rich, he’s going to be on the Christian radio on Friday, that God would give him the right words! 

Prayer for wisdom with finances for the ministry! There are many opportunities and we cannot afford to take hold of them all. Pray God directs us to the ones He has ordained. 

Praise God, Dara’s family is all well this week. Odette is recovering from an ear infection which flared up last week, but is now free of fever. 


Still working on the training of the students, about 250, we need to raise over $10,000. We might not be able to pay for everyone to come! Pray for wisdom and grace, and provision.


It is still very dangerous in Mbingo! Pray for safety for Florence and her husband, and all in Mbingo, and mercy for everyone, that the violence would end.

Hilda is okay, she is in Bamenda, which is safe, praise God.

There have been terrible killings around the Belo area, pray for protection.

Rich asked Pastor Yisa if he should come to Mbingo, and he said he wouldn’t advise it. Pray for wisdom for Rich, and for direction for us ass we seek to support our embattled Cameroonian brothers and sisters in their fight against the forces of darkness. 

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ April 11
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Modern Day Paul and the Muslim World

In the New Testament we read the story of Saul, a religious extremist who persecuted Christians. While on his way to Damascus to take violent acts against Christians, Saul heard the voice of Jesus in a bright light and was blinded. After speaking with a disciple in Damascus, he was converted from an enemy of the Lord to a disciple of Christ (Acts 9:1-22). That was when Saul the Zealot became Paul the Apostle.

Here at FFICM, we believe that God has a deep-rooted heart for the Islamic North in Nigeria, where the Boko Haram extremists thrive through violent acts. Christians in this region have experienced devastating losses at the hands of the Boko Haram. Despite this persecution, our team has been reminded time and time again that God is at work in Nigeria, comforting His people and reaching out to the lost in the process.

In the same way that God transformed the life of Paul from killing Christians to encouraging them, He is also transforming the life of a former murderer in Nigeria. This man spent much of his youth as a hired killer for the Boko Haram, and murdered many Christians. He was a radical Muslim who one day experienced a radical, divine change. He was given the assignment to kill a certain pastor, but that night he had a dream—three men appeared to him and said not to kill the pastor, but to go see the pastor in the area instead and hear about Jesus. So, he met with the pastor and received Christ that day. Soon after, his wife also accepted Christ, and the two were taken to a discipleship center for 8 months. It is because he was given the time and safe space to ask questions and grow more in his faith that this man now wants to be an evangelist to reach his Muslim brothers and sisters! Praise God for this Paul-like radical transformation!

During biblical times, Jesus tirelessly sought out the broken, the lame, the poor, the outcast, the murders, and the lost. These people might have been too blind by their way of thinking, thought their sin was too great, or believed their life was too far gone. Society saw them as dangerous or less than, but God saw them for who they really are—His beloved creation, those He could empower for His good. God reached out to these individuals in the past, He seeks them in the present, and He will continue to do so in the days to come.

Nicole MillerModern Day Paul and the Muslim World
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 27th



  • Praise God, 100 people came to Christ as a result of the outreach in Gindiri, they are being followed up! We also got a lot of written feedback from the students. Pray for wisdom as the students stategize how to reach the area.
  • Local elections were re-conducted, because the people in power didn’t get the result they want, so there has been some curfew in Jos to forestall unrest. Pray for lasting peace even in face of this injustice.
  • Peter is feeling ill this morning, pray for healing and strength for him!
  • MBB convert we took to Abuja is going back to his village, pray for his safety and transition as the former sheik helps him transition. Leaders of the community attacked him for preaching previously.
  • MBB converts in Bali are having difficulty, and the churches in accommodating them. Pray that they will work out the kinks in handling MBBs soon for everyone’s sake!
  • Comfort praises God that they have been able to move around. Attacks on Monday after Friday morning prayers, killed about 18 people. Pray for the security of the state, pray that those who come to Christ will have the strength to stand in the suffering.
  • Comfort went to a village from the 15-17th. Eleven people accepted Christ, she left them in the care of one missionary in the village to follow up with them.
  • Pray for the security of the state, pray that those who come to Christ will have the strength to stand in the suffering.
  • Samuel’s son is scheduled to meet again with the doctor on the 2nd of April, pray that he will be healed and the doctors will have wisdom to know how to address his issue!


  • Pray, we don’t have the budget right now to do the trainings of the students in July!
  • Continue to pray for peace in the country!


  • Praise God, Mbingo has been calm the past few days. Florence’s husband is responding to treatment! She is going to take her husband to see a specialist in Bamenda tomorrow. Pray
  • The armed forces were attacked by freedom fighters last Tuesday, came onto hospital premises shooting randomly and beating people. Pray that the army will not come back, even though they say that they have their revenge. Pray that God preserves the hospital staff.
  • Because of the shooting they have not been granted permission to evangelize at the hospital! Pray for peace and safety and opportunities to reach out.
  • Shooting around Boyo land, will be difficult to hold conference and training in April. Now they are looking to see if someone can help them create a forum for FFICM-trained evangelists online.


  • We had 80 people come to our prayer event at CMBC! Great group of people, very interested in knowing what’s going on. Gave them opportunity to write notes of encouragement to people in the field! Some people contributed funds, one person is contributing to equip people in the ITEC training with audio bibles. We have a potential video volunteer to help Stacey!
  • David’s wife and 2 of his kids are sick. Denise is sick with a really bad cough, and one of the kids also is particularly sick.
  • Rich is also getting over being sick, pray for health for him!
  • Stacey’s right eardrum is ruptured! Prayer for healing, it may take months to heal.
  • Praise for Dara’s kids’ healing, pray that they heal completely! Pray that Dara is able to fight off the illness it seems like she’s coming down with something too.
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 27th
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 18


Peter, Rick, and Michael Osang are conducting a training starting today at Gindiri Theological Seminary with around 120 students. They have gone out to evangelize this evening. Prayer them as they grow, and for the team as they minister!

The former sheik and Ishaku Pate is on another journey to follow up with MBBs! Prayer for safe travel for them and praise for more coming to the Lord!

CAN (the organization that facilitates collaboration between Nigerian denominations) would like us to train pastors from smaller denominations who would not be able to put together enough participants for their own training, by allowing them to join the training we’re having of the UMCN and ECWA pastors. They’re saying they can bring 250 total! Prayer for the organization of this training, which is occurring just before Easter, praise for this opportunity to collaborate with more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Our trainer Ishaku Pate has been having severe lower back pain and is having a hard time walking straight and lifting things. Pray for healing for him as he goes to see the doctor! 

Samuel’s little boy Josiah is going to the doctor tomorrow to make the final call about the surgery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor, and continued healing and hope for his entire family!

Comfort trained 8 people in the village of Biu this week, there were some pastors also from the neighboring village that came. Comfort taught them how to use the gospel card. Prayer for grace and a filling of the Holy Spirit as they implement their training! Praise that Comfort had safe travels.

Continued prayer for peace in Nigeria!


Eskendir and others are still arranging the training for 200 students for the summer time! The local churches are determining how they can contribute financially and otherwise to the training. The students are saving money to fund their outreach after the training. Pray for this training, last summer the students witnessed to over 20,000 people, and nearly 2,000 came to know Christ!

Things have calmed down in the country because of the plane crash, people are in shock and not doing demonstrations while the country is grieving. Continued prayer for healing for those who have lost loved ones, and prayer for continued peace; that the country would be able to come together in a lasting way.


David’s weekend in WA has been fruitful! He was able to share for 2 hours in the church service about his ministry with FFICM with about 40 of the church members. Church members wrote notes of encouragement for some of our key FFICM team members! 

Pray for our upcoming fundraiser and information event in early May! Many preparations are still needed. 

Praise that Dara’s family is now well! They are dealing with the expense of removing the mold and water intrusion from their house, prayer for God’s provision.


Florence’s husband has been able to walk a little bit with the walking stick. Florence praises God for your prayers and for the grace that God has given her. She is the only one able to help her husband at this time, pray for support for her from her community and for healing for her husband!

Cameroon continues to suffer division and human rights abuses by both sides of the armed forces in the conflict. Prayer for protection for the innocent and conviction and salvation for those involved. May God bring peace in 2019 in Jesus’ Name. 

Prayer for Florence’s newest group of evangelists and trainees! May God strengthen and encourage them and give them grace in every way. 

We are hoping to be able to run a training Cameroon this year, please pray for the leaders of the churches that need to mobilize ahead of the training, and for peace in time! We also need a location, and haven’t yet found a suitable one to host it.



DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 18
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 12


  • During the election people were afraid to move around in Maiduguri, now that the election results have been announced people have been able to go around the city. Pray for peace and for relief from the attacks on the Boko Haram. 
  • Praise God that the set-up for the collaborative training with Steve Saint’s organization (Itec) for MBBs is going well. Pray for the leader of the discipleship center there, she is planning on going to the government for the official clearance. They are reasonably sure this will not be a problem, the local chief is in strong support of the training, but the official word is what we need. They also need generators for the training!
  • Governor elections in Taraba and Plateau still not announced. Pray for peace and God’s will be done.
  • Need prayers also, have a training with he GTS students Monday-Thursday next week. Pray God will guide us and lead us through that!
  • Prayers for Samuel’s son isn’t going to be able to get hernia surgery until the 19th, pray for Josiah. Sam’s wife Jessica is having trouble with her eye. Friday, one of his daughters, her neck is hurting her.  The family needs encouragement and prayer in the midst of health challenges. 
  • Former sheik will be traveling to Jalingo and Bali to meet with MBBs. Pray that God will give him wisdom on how to relate to them and build them up in their faith. 
  • The new MBB whose life has been in danger is having difficulty with his accommodations, prayer it will be safe for him to return to his home area soon.
  • Continue to pray for one of theformer drug addicts who became a believer and we trained last year (Benjamin), he has completed a training with the Living Faith Church and they have sent him to a mission field. 
  • Rick is recovering from his dental surgery well! He has had some good meetings in Nigeria, and is looking forward to the trainings with the team.  
  • Pray for conference coming up in the fall, we need more speakers! 


  • Continued prayers for Florence and her evangelist trainees! They have been evangelizing and meeting together all month, praise God for them!
  • Continued prayer for peace for English-speaking Cameroon, and for protection for all the vulnerable people. 


  • Ethiopia airline crash, pray for families of the casualties!
  • Pray for the political situation, there has been some unrest! The peace is unstable, pray for security. 
  • Pray for the arrangements for the training of the students this summer.


  • Pray for upcoming fundraising/prayer events, especially the one at CMBC this week!
  • Praise that Dara’s family is doing better, Dara had difficulty breathing this week and discovered she has asthma, and is doing much better with medication. 
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 12
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Prayer and Praise ~ March 4th



  • Pray for the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, and also for Florence’s team of volunteers in Mbingo!
  • Praise God that the roads are open, and patients are able to come into the hospital. 
  • Florence is busy farming as well as training. Pray for protection for her and those that are at risk in the fields. The freedom-fighters have been responsible for some terrible atrocities. Last week there was a panic in Mbingo because the freedom-fighters went and drove away some Fulani from their homes, and took over their homes, and took some of their cattle. The Fulani then ganged up and come to burn homes in Mbingo, and many people fled to the hills. Florence and her husband didn’t hear the rumor and were unaware that people were running to the hills. Praise God some elders in Mbingo dialogued with the Fulanis to prevent the attack.
  • Stanley and Heston are two young evangelists that Florence is working with right now, for the next three Mondays they are going to evangelize at the hospital compound, Lord willing! They are waiting for official approval from the hospital. They asked for prayers for more grace from the Lord as they step into their ministries and callings, and for protection for their families!


  • Rick made it safe to Nigeria, his connections went fine, praise God!
  • Jos is relatively peaceful, praise God. 
  • People are confined to the center of the town in Maiduguri because of fear of attack. Thursday there was an attack with 5 soldiers and more civilians killed pray for peace! 
  • Samuel is going to Niger state to conduct a follow-through (follow-up with those we trained) for those we trained in November to further assist them in their development and to see what help they need!
  • Pray for the upcoming trainings in Taraba state, there are three trainings that need prayer as the dates are unsure right now.
  • Prayer for the former sheik working with Rich on Muslim background believer specific follow-up materials. 
  • Pray for I-Tech team as they get ready to go, and for the former sheik and another trainee who will be traveling up to Kano on Wednesday; we need permission from the local government to issue accreditation when the MBBs receive their training so that they can actually implement the training! 


  • Pray for Ethiopia and the training coming up in July! 
  • Pray for the Eritreans using our materials that they can train and not be arrested! 


  • Prayer for Dara’s communications with B4, they’ve dropped some of their support, Dara is hoping to re-establish support and communication with them. 
  • Pray for David’s safe trip back from Trail Christian Fellowship, praise for a good weekend. A couple of people are interested in supporting David’s ministry! 
DaraPrayer and Praise ~ March 4th
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Prayer and Praise ~ February 11th



  • The former sheik and Ishaku are traveling to Jalingo this week to check on MBB converts; particularly two new converts, to discern what would be the best course of action for their situation. Pray for them for safe travel! They hope to be back in Jos by Friday.
  • Last week the Nigeria team checked on a potential vehicle for the team! Hopefully we will be able to purchase it Monday—pray that it is the right one and everything goes smoothly! Praise God for his provision in the funds for this vehicle which will help our team immensely. 
  • Pray for upcoming elections, for peace throughout the country. 
  • In Maiduguri, the situation is very tense, Boko Haram members are filtering back into towns to vote! Everyone is nervous. Please pray that they do not cause any trouble. Comfort says the Christians in Maiduguri are looking only to God to help them in this situation. 


  • The English-speaking population has been ordered by the insurgency to stay inside, around their homes and not travel until the 14th of February. The freedom-fighters have been stealing from the population and kidnapping people. Mbingo is still relatively safe, as the expat missionaries are still there, pray that they are able to remain and that Mbingo is protected! 
  • Pray for peace. Today was youth day, usually they celebrate the youth and have parades, but the 2 English-speaking regions couldn’t do anything today, as they have all been confined. 
  • Praise God Florence’s family is safe. Any time they hear gunshots they run into the house. Florence’s husband is doing better but is still weak and cannot walk without falling. Pray for him for strength. Pray for their continued safety!
  • Pray for young trainees and evangelists who are really bold to go out and preach. They just brought in their plan of actions for the first quarter! They will be having a lot of Bible studies and prayer. They will be going out in March for house to house evangelism. Pray for them that the HS will lead Florence and the other leaders as they teach the young people to put on the armor of God. 
  • They hoping to do a conference combination training in April, that those in Anjadua can take the bush road and come! Pray for peace.
  • Pray that God and His angels will watch over children as they play and go to school. 


  • There are 34 people at the training, there will be 9 more Eritreans, Lord willing, tomorrow. Some of them had to go around a mountain to get here. Most of them are young, have a pastor who has been a pastor for 30 years. We told them we will take pictures but won’t put them on the internet! They are joyful and sing a lot, are happy to be here. Their prayer request were for those that are arrested and in prison. They have to do church at night time, many people are coming to Christ. Pray for them for protection! 
  • 11 churches were burned yesterday by Muslims, Alava, near Butajira. Pray for protection and for recovery for those who were burned!
  • praise God so many are turning from idols and amulets (pictured above). Our trainees are hard at work and God is blessing them!
  • Please pray for the Eritrean contingent, returning home by Saturday!!


  • Praise God for the health of Dara’s kids
  • We are getting ready for a planning meeting for a fundraiser tomorrow!
  • Pray for Dara as she meets with more people from Beaverton Foursquare, hoping to let more people know about the ministry. They also dropped some of her support, and she’s hoping to hear why.
  • Rick is planning on leaving in the next few weeks! Prayer for him.
  • Stacey’s daughter has 3 more kidney stones. Her original tests got messed up, and so she needs to be retested so the doctors can discern what is going on. Pray for her healing!
  • David’s wife, Denise, is leaving for a week to go to Arizona to help her parents with transitioning to Oregon. Pray for David as he takes care of his three kids, and his wife as she helps her parents! 
DaraPrayer and Praise ~ February 11th
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 4th


  • We are expecting about 20 pastors from Eritrea, 20 from the refugee camps. Pray for those who are coming from Eritrea, they are hoping to cross the border on foot. 
  • Everything for the training is in order! Praise God for blessing on the preparation efforts.
  • The security issues around Bonga and Hawassa are getting better! Rich, Eyasu, and the Ethiopia team are looking forward to meeting the 130 trainees responsible for the 3,500 in follow-up classes in those strategic areas.  Praise God for his protection and grace 


  • There has been a Book haram attack near Maiduguri, about 3,000 people fled into Cameroon. Please pray for them, as Cameroon is unstable itself right now. May God protect all of them.  
  • Peter, the young man from Maiduguri who was severely traumatized, wasn’t admitted to the hospital when he needed to be and ended up overdosing. He survived and is doing okay now. Pray for his continued protection!
  • Peter’s nephew’s four year old son died this week. His nephew is not a believer, but his wife is a believer.  The nephew did not bring the child to the hospital in time, even though he had been sick for a while, so the hospital staff could not save him. Please pray for Peter and his nephew and wife and their family for comfort and healing and that the nephew would become a believer.
  • Rich and the Nigeria team report that their work in planning to further the cause of reaching Muslims and establishing the new believers in the faith is going very well! We have planned two conferences to focus on this—one conference will reach out to current Muslim background believers in need of support, and a second will train 1,000 Hausa indigenous Christians who will be our best option to work with new believers in the communities in which they are already established. They will be safer and more effective! We need prayer for protection and wisdom moving forward; all the Nigerian teams and denominations we work with are excited about the plans! May God draw many to Himself. 


  • Praise for David’s time with Foot’s Creek Chapel sharing about the work that FFICM is doing! 
  • Pray for safe travel for David, who is returning through snowy roads. 
  • Prayer for Stacey’s daughter who is suffering from recurrent kidney stones. Prayer for wisdom for the doctors as they try to help her determine how to resolve the condition. Prayer for comfort for them as she and her husband are wanting to have a baby, but have been unable to because of her condition.
  • Pray for Dara’s family, continuing to struggle with sleeplessness. 


  • Praise God for evangelism going on in Mbingo! Follow-up classes that have been going on, and going very well! 
  • Thank God, it has been quiet around Mbingo, even though the people have been confined to their city and are not allowed to leave except to go look after their farms.
  • Please pray for peace and for mercy on the English-speaking population of Cameroon—the freedom-fighters have told the populace to stay off the roads for 40 days as they will try to destroy the government forces, and the government for its part has sworn to obliterate the freedom-fighters.
  • Florence and her friends are planning to hold a conference and training in the 1st or 2nd week of April, Lord willing! They are expecting 500 trainees. Pray for miraculous peace which would enable this work! 
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ February 4th
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 28th



  • Rich, Peter and the team met with Muslim Background Believers for 3 hours! Some are those that the former sheik led to the Lord only a few weeks ago. Please pray for them as some of them have come from very intense situations.
  • We discovered of our workers planted a church in Jalingo; there are now around 100 people attending! The worker is doing follow-up using our follow-up materials, they are from the UMCN denomination. One woman said the thing that I learned that was most helpful was the picture from the follow-up materials of God’s hands; that I am safe in the hands of Jesus! Praise God for this church; continue to pray for their growth in faith.
  • The team will be traveling this week to visit a church that was planted by one of our trainees in Bali; it is very remote, they are going via motorcycle, pray for safe travel!
  • It is 96 degrees in Taraba right now! Pray for a relief from the heat.
  • Thank God the vehicle has not yet broken down, pray that it continues to hold out!
  • Comfort reports that there is a crisis in Maiduguri because of the elections coming up. They won’t be able to arrange any trainings until the 2nd of March because of the fear and insecurity. Recently they had to take a young man to the hospital to be seen by a psychiatrist because he has been so severely traumatized. Pray for peace and for healing for this young man.
  • Rich, Peter, and the team will be meeting tonight with ministry leaders that work with MBBs. Pray God blesses this meeting and that God will give them His plan for following up with MBBs.
  • The team will travel Wednesday to go back to Jos, pray for safety in travel!
  • The team might also look at a vehicle on Saturday in Bauchi, to see if we can purchase it with the donations from supporters toward the cause of obtaining a safe vehicle for the team! Pray for wisdom and that this is the right car.
  • Monday, the team hopes to meet with the leadership of the denomination COCIN, please pray for that meeting, for unity in spirit and for direction!
  • Pray for safety in travel, the car has broken down in dangerous situations recently! We have not yet heard how the break down below has turned out….Lord protect our team!


  • Eyasu is preparing for the training in northern Ethiopia, preparing materials and gospel tracts. We don’t know how many pastors will be able to attend, as the border is only partially open! Pray for safety for these trainees! Pray for Eyasu for wisdom and strength as he completes the preparations.
  • Please continue to pray for Rich, Eyasu, Eskinder, and the rest of the FFICM volunteer trainers for safety in traveling as there is continued sporadic instability and unrest.
  • When Rich comes, the Ethiopia team is planning to visit Bonga. We trained 81 trainees there and they have 2,000 in classes! This region has over 1,000 witch doctors and apparently they are coming to receive Christ as well, pray for them and for these dedicated and Spirit-filled trainers! They will also visit Hawassa, where we trained 50 and they now have 1,500.


  • Continue to pray as tensions in English speaking regions are high—there is currently no safe travel between French and English-speaking regions.
  • Please pray for peace! And also for protection for all our friends and coworkers in Mbingo who are working hard running follow-up classes and also looking at the possibility of running a larger training in the future!
  • Please continue to pray for Florence as she needs more funding for her work, and also is seeking the Lord’s wisdom regarding her ministry as her husband’s health is suffering. Please pray for his healing!


  • David speaking on Sunday at Foots Creek Chapel in Southern Oregon! Pray for grace for this time, and that the Lord would open up connections and opportunities for people to partner with us!
  • We are sending out mailing today for year end summaries! Praise God for all he has done this past year, and pray for what God will do through all of us this next year.
  • Pray for Stacey’s son; his family just came up on the 18 month anniversary of the sudden death of their 4 year old daughter, pray for every grace and comfort to be given to their family in Jesus’ Name.
  • Pray for Stacey’s daughter who is in terrible pain from a kidney stone; pray for quick healing.
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ January 28th
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