Conferences and Training

Your support provides vital training for local evangelists, pastors, and lay leaders, so that not only will they share their faith effectively, but also will follow-up with new believers so that they will have a lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. 


Since 2007, we have been helping to organize an annual conference with New Life for All in Nigeria (NLFA), during which we train thousands of evangelists, pastors and lay people from Nigeria and surrounding nations.

World-renowned evangelists such as Bill Newman, Tim Robnett, PJ Maduri, Keith Cook and Mike Silva teach effective principles of evangelism at the conference, while Rich Gardner and other Nigerian colleagues train participants how to follow-up with new believers. Every year, at least one of these devoted brothers and sisters gives their life for the sake of the gospel.


We also organize 5-day training sessions for groups of 15 to 70 throughout the year in many locations in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, the US, and other countries as we are invited! Attendees role-play evangelism scenarios, discuss ways to improve their outreach, learn how to follow-up with new believers, and receive culturally relevant evangelism and follow-up materials. Often these brothers and sisters continue to work together long after the training; they meet to pray, to encourage one another, and to develop strategies to reach their areas for Jesus!

Donate To Provide Training

Thousands have already been reached, but hundreds more have heard about our trainings and long to take part.

They are filled with joy because of what Jesus has done in their lives and they earnestly desire to be trained not only how to more effectively share their faith, but also how to build up new believers.

These Christians need your help. Your donation makes it possible for us to provide training sessions more frequently, and to organize them closer to where these dedicated evangelists, pastors, and lay leaders live.

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