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 A lot happens to a person when they receive Christ!  They know God and are known by Him; they have a new family and the Holy Spirit lives within them. They understand spiritual things, desire to please God, and express faith in God. 

These changes are new experiences and abilities, but they are not yet mature. Satan works hard immediately after the person puts their faith in Christ to keep them from developing and persuade them to go back to their old life. The new believer’s faith, abilities and experiences need to be developed in order to survive. Ultimately this process is discipleship, and runs through a believer’s whole life life-long. But discipleship for a new believer is different than it is for someone who has been in the faith for many years.

Discipleship for new believers, or “Follow-up” is similar to neo-natal care. After a baby is born, generally, the baby has arms and legs, muscles, a voice, and a stomach to digest food, but none of these are mature. The new believer is similar. They know God, but don’t have a mature understanding of Him. They have expressed faith, but don’t know how to express it in every area of life. They have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but don’t know how to develop it, and they are extremely vulnerable.

When we do follow up, we assume that the believer is a child of God and as Jesus said, “will hear my voice.” Because of this, we focus on speaking the truth simply, without using any Christian jargon, using compelling pictures to communicate concepts that will help them get to know Jesus as a person; to inspire them to grow in understanding of truths and godly practices without turning them into a list of things to do. Our goal is for them to learn the tenets of the faith such a way that they will understand the heart of God. 

Young Christians Need Support

Like any baby, a young Christian needs care and guidance if they are to grow well into maturity.

Your support of FFICM trains Christians to not only share their faith, but to help young Christians develop a lasting relationship with Jesus.

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